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Just outside the city, nestled in the foothills of Adelaides North East, Ink Wizards is one of a few of Adelaide’s oldest remaining walk-in tattoo studios

Established in 1999 and originally ran by one Adelaide’s original big names of tattooing, Robert Cameron (Bear), Ink Wizards has slowly but surely cemented itself into this city’s tattoo culture, maintaining a strong reputation and boasting a flurry of award winning artists over the years.

Today Ink Wizards is home to a collective of friendly, young, versatile artists who take their craft very seriously. Happy to take on whatever sort of tattooing you have in mind, we pride ourselves on being a clean, comfortable tattoo studio that anyone can walk into and have their artistic needs accommodated.



With a strong art background, primarily focused on drawing and design, I started tattooing at the beginning of 2007.

I like to consider myself a versatile tattooer. I’ve always really enjoyed all aspects of ALL different forms of art, so consequently I have never really developed any one style of tattooing more than the other. I don’t really specialise in anything but I really enjoy the challenges I’m presented with when I take on any tattoo. I’m always looking to push my art and hone my craft and I’m happy to tackle whatever my clients throw at me to the best of my abilities.

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I began tattooing in 2011.
I enjoy all forms of tattooing, with a special interest in Neo trad, Oriental and Biomech.


After a strong passion for art throughout high school I began tattooing in early 2012. Since then I have had the opportunity to work with many different tattooist after moving shop in 2013. Due to this I have been able to learn a variety of different techniques which has enabled me to tattoo in many different styles. My preferred style would be neo traditional or anything involving colour but I do also really enjoy doing anything new and out of my comfort zone. Other styles I do work with on a daily basis are, geometric/ dot work, oriental and realism.

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I began tattooing in the beginning of 2011, after finishing high school and one year of art school. I love tattooing and appreciate everything, but highly enjoy tattooing traditional and Japanese style tattoos. I find myself drawn to any type of tattoo that involves strong design and I like to make anything I can more interesting and original. Neotraditional and realism also interest me.